Since I paint, my fascination for the large format and the large brush is unbroken. For over 30 years, I have many art lovers and collectors who ask me again and again with the question: "Can it be a little bit smaller?"

Then the year 2020 came and the whole world stood still. Exhibitions, galleries and museums, my lecturing activities, everything I took for granted on a daily basis, no longer existed.

Among other things, I used the time to rummage through my countless sketchbooks and notes. The thought came over me, what if I only had a small format left? Would I succeed in the same technique, with the same brushes, ease and passion, to bring new themes on the canvas?

A completely independent project was born: to learn to appreciate the "small" moments in life and transfer them to such a format - "LebensStücke" in 40 x 40 cm are the result.

Suspenseful, flexible and direct shall be the way my art lovers come to their personal "LebensStück". Every week, a picture is to be auctioned on my homepage and thus reach as many people as possible. Each can then decide on the value of "their" or "his" LebensStück itself. Started at 250 € and planned are about 30 images until the end of this year.

Let's learn to appreciate the little things in life together and be on the lookout for our "LebensStücke" - be excited.

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    1. 500 € is the starting bid - then you can continue bidding with the +/- (plus- minus sign) in 25 € increments.
    2. You can also enter your highest bid/auto bid (divisible by €25), i.e. the maximum price you want to spend, and bid in this way in the background in €25 increments up to your highest price. You will be notified if you are outbid or win the auction.
    3. At the end of the auction, the highest maximum bid wins. This means, for example, that your maximum bid is 1,000 € - the last bid of a fellow bidder was 725 € - so you get the surcharge for 750 €.
    4. If you like the painting so much that you want to have it for sure, you can also click on "Buy it now" to purchase this painting at the regular price of 2,500 €.
    5. If you have won the bid for the offered painting, you will be notified by mail, you will receive an invoice and the painting will be sent to you within the next 14 days, as soon as you have paid the achieved purchase price plus packaging and postage share.
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