Book: LebensStücke


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Sabina Bockemühl (painter) and Sonja Still (author)

Michael Imhof Verlag

21 × 28 cm, 176 pages, 137 colour illustrations, hard cover

ISBN 978-3-7319-1290-3

LebensStücke – these are pictures in word and colour. The Murnau painter Sabina Bockemühl captures colourful scenes of everyday life that inspire the Tegernsee author Sonja Still to write stories. A new level of art emerges. The viewer is invited to locate his or her own point of view from the miniature of image and text. Of course, one can also simply enjoy looking at the individual picture or just read the fresh, sometimes fantastic, sometimes absurd texts.

The book was created to accompany the art project LebensStücke, which the painter started with an online auction during the pandemic lockdown. What happens when only the picture speaks for itself and no exchange is possible? The author, also thrown on herself at that time, writes down what splinters into her mind, fed by information or conversations in the reduced circle of everyday life and media.

The book is about the meaning of small worlds. About that which touches. Fleeting. Individual. Subjective. But it connects to what people have always loved: to tell themselves their existence with paintings and stories.